Determine Windows Server last boot time...

Last week I was trying to verify whether one of my Windows client servers had been rebooted in order to take care of a check disk task I had set up to run on the servers next reboot. While a simple check for a winint task in my event viewer could have sufficed, I thought it would be fun to find another way around the problem (you can't just do things the easy way? - ed.). So being ever the overachiever I came across three other methods to check the last reboot time/uptime of my server in question:

First run the following through powershell:

  • net statistics server

this will give you a plethora of server statistics including the "statistics since" field which, SURPRISE, should be the date of your servers last restart. 

The second method to find your last reboot time  is to start your task manager by right-clicking the taskbar and clicking "task manager". Once it has launched click the performance tab and note the value for uptime near the lower-right of the screen. 

Given the "Up Time" you should be able to determine the last restart time of your server. 

Finally from command prompt run the following: 
  • systeminfo | find "System Boot Time" 

Be sure to check your casing with this command. If you don't get it right you will be staring at error messages and a blank screen. Otherwise, TADA another way to find the last boot time for your server in question. 

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