Where the crap hits the fan...

My name is Scott Flaherty and I am currently a Middleware/DevOps Engineer in the Sioux Falls, SD. For over 7 years I have worked in the fields of system administration, automation and cloud based solutions. I attained my MCP certification in October of 2012 and my MCITP in November 2012.

All this really means is I'm able to read a bunch of books and tech articles and crap out their respective information. This, however, is to your benefit. Over the past several years I've taken in a load of information just ready to be crapped out. So sit down loyal readers and prepare to be crapped on (Do you see where this is going - ed.)

I hope to be your insight into crap ranging from Windows OS tricks to more complicated kernels of information pertaining to Windows Server, Exchange, Active Directory, Chef Automation, Powershell scripting and the like. I only hope that some of it will help wipe away some of the issues you might have in your day to day as an administrator (This truly is the definition of verbal diarrhea -ed.).

So sit down for a spell and use this reading material as your relief from some of your day to day pressures. I'm happy you are here and sincerely appreciate that you have chosen this site as a place to turn to when you have a little free time during your day to day.