IE Compatibility View Settings Disappearing

When working at my last job we had a strange reoccuring issue with several of our users. When the user would exit their browser and reopen it, they would find their compatibility view options had been reset or cleared out. Our users would then have to re-add websites back into compatibility view in order to continue working on certain sites. While this issue was eventually side stepped with the implementation of group policy we still needed to find a solution for the short term. So to prevent this issue from happening entirely we made some very basic setting changes:

Under Tools/Internet Options on the General tab is the option "Delete browsing history on exit".

 This option was OK to have selected (checked) but users needed to go into the actual Delete settings by clicking the Delete button and unchecking the History option.

First go into Internet Options by selecting the sprocket in the top right hand corner of your Internet Explorer window.

Next verify that the check box is selected next to "Delete browsing history on exit". If this is the case click on "Delete..."

On the next screen that opens uncheck the box next to history. At this point you can also run a manual deletion to take care of any data that might have already been gathered. 

Once this option was unchecked users no longer had issues with their compatibility settings, 
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