Network Teaming for Windows Server 2012

Prior to Windows Server 2012 I had used all manners of NIC teaming software in order to properly team my adapters. Each vendor seemed to have their own method and installer. I had seen options from broadcom, HP, Dell and all of them seemed to have their flaws. With the introduction of Windows Server 2012, however, Microsoft took it upon themselves to simplify the teaming process and I 100% approve of their decision:  

To set up NIC teaming in Windows Server 2012 first logon to the server as normal. 

Open ServerManager

Click on Local Server in left hand Pane

Double click on "NIC Teaming Disabled”.

You should be presented with the following:

Right click on first NIC that you want to team and click on “Add to New Team”

Add Title of NIC Team

Add second NIC by selecting its corresponding checkbox and change the Standby Adapter to the appropriate NIC:

The final configuration would look something like the following:

Close the window and configure the IP settings as per usual.

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