Procedure for manual application pool restart in IIS

As flawless as Windows Server is and as stable as IIS can be (no heavy sarcasm here - ed.) every once and a great while IIS applications will freeze, hang or become all around unresponsive. In order to correct many of these issues a simple IIS application restart can be done.

To restart an application within IIS first login to your Windows IIS server using whatever remote access tool you currently have at you disposal.

Next, To to Start/ Administrative Tools / IIS Manager. 

Open Application Pool on the left-hand side

Locate the application name that was provided and right click on the name. 

Choose Recycle

NOTE: Recycling a application can be compared to restarting a server. There will be a short time when the application cannot be reached as it restarted. 

There you have it the application has been restarted and everything should be once again working correctly. Unless its not...but positive thinking. 

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