How to enable cookies in Internet Explorer 8

Back in the day, which was a Wednesday for those of you who are interested, we had a less than wonderful browser call Internet Explorer 8. This browser like the comedian I stole that last joke from, Dane Cook if you are interested, was popular only because we didn't know any better and it was easy to get to by default. But like all terrible things sometimes "tweaking" was necessary in order to get the software to perform like we needed it to. One such "tweak" was the enabling of cookies, which is required more often than not by certain websites. In order to enable cookies in IE 8: 

Open Internet Explorer 8 by clicking Start, All Programs, and selecting Internet Explorer.

Click Tools in the upper right corner of the screen

Click Internet Options

Click the Privacy tab

Click the Advanced button below the Settings heading

Check the box to Override automatic cookie handling

Accept first and third-party cookies and click OK

Last, click OK on the Internet Options window and close Internet Explorer. Upon opening back up your browser cookies will be enabled and pages that require the setting should start working correctly. 
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