IDRAC 7 Error: The maximum number of user sessions is reached

When working on some of our older systems a week back I came across an IDRAC that refused to cooperate. Now it could have been that everyone in the office had forgotten the password but I think it was that the IDRAC itself was not remembering its intended function. With this in mind I was not surprised when the IDRAC threw us an error saying "it had reached the maximum user sessions" and no other users could log on. I knew as well as everyone else in the office that the maximum user sessions had not been reached but that didn't mean that we hadn't hung the device with our incessant login attempts. So, due to our incorrect logon persistence, we got the chance to login to the server through RDP in order to clear out the offending IDRAC "sessions":


  • IDRAC 7 
  • Access to server OS attached to IDRAC 
First, log onto the corresponding server.

Open a command prompt as administrator by right clicking cmd.exe and then selecting "Run as administrator"

Go to the IDRAC directory through the command prompt window (c:\
program files (x86)\dell\sysmgt\idrac) by typing in the the following command: cd c:\program files (x86)\dell\sysmgt\idrac.

Next use the following command:  racadm -r [servername] -u -p racreset

This will cause the IDRAC to reset and allow the user to log back in.

racadm can also be used for several other operations on a Dell IDRAC. For a complete list of these commands its best to go to Dell technical support for the most up to date list of commands for your specific IDRAC version
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