Sharepoint Foundation - compatible application error

When working on transferring our old out of office request system to the new Sharepoint workflow, created by yours truly (He's so modest - ed), I came across a really neat Microsoft Office "feature". This feature will prevent some versions of Office products from opening when certain sharepoint actions are clicked. For me it was the "Open with Access" button found in my Calendar Tools bar. 

It seems that when you try to access this feature you are presented with an error saying that you need a SharePoint Foundation - compatible application installed. This struck me as odd since my version of Office aligned perfectly with my version of Sharepoint ( 2010 Office vs. 2010 Sharepoint). 

So given that the best way to import my old calendar entries into my new Sharepoint calendar was with Microsoft Access I decided it was in my best interest to find a fix. Several Google searches later and I had come up with an answer. It seems that there is a hotfix out there that, after an install on your workstation and restart, corrects this error ( After its installation I was up and importing excel documents with ease. 

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