Outlook text replacement option

For quite a few iterations now iOS has had the option of something it calls text replacement. This feature allows a user to type in a string of characters and have the operating system replace it with whatever they have predefined. For example while texting a friend (or enemy for that matter - ed.) a user could put "oic" and have the actual phrase "oh I see" populate in the text message. This can be very helpful when quickly typing on a cell phone, tablet or other mobile device. A little known fact, however, is that Microsoft Outlook actually has this functionality as well: 

In Microsoft Outlook go to file in the upper left hand corner of the window. 

When presented with the new window select "options" from the column on the left hand side 

In the new window select "mail" from the left hand column

Your main window display should now give you an option labeled "Spelling and Autocorrect". Click this button. 

In the new window select 'AutoCorrect Options..."

you will now see a window with a "Replace text as you type" field option. Make sure the check box is checked next to this option. Type the shortcut you would like added underneath "Replace:" and what you would like it to relate to under "With:".  Ex: Replace: "oic" with "oh I see" (Please see image below) 

Click OK to save changes. Go to a new email and in the body type "oic" hit the space bar and "oh I see" will appear. 
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